Andreas Handani Copywriting

Hey, I'm Andre.

Founder, Chief Copywriter, and Managing Director of Andreas Handani Copywriting.

AHC's Reason For Being:

I help passionate Business Owners around the world create the Best Copy to promote their Products, Services, and Ideas.

AHC's Copywriting Philosophy:

1. Calm Persuasion

The internet is full of sleazy copies—it's also full of failed businesses.


Because sleazy doesn't sell.

Calm persuasion, however, does. 

2. Deep Research

I spend 50% of the allotted time to do deep research on your product/service.

Refuse this foundational principle, and I'll refuse your project offer.

I take pride in my work as a Copywriter, and would rather resign before the war starts—if all I have is some vague ideas about your complicated (and valuable) business.

Invest in the time to research, it's worth it.

3. Conversion Focused

Every single piece of copy that I've written all have One. Single. Objective.

This is my work's purpose: To convert leads into Loyal Customers for your business.

"We sell, or else." — David Ogilvy

AHC's Call-To-Action To You:

I may not be the best copywriter on planet earth—but I'm loyal to my clients.

When I give business advices for my clients, and when I write Copy for my clients, I treat every project as if I'm building my own business—and hold nothing back.

When we work together, I will sit beside you, walk side-by-side, and dedicate every drop of brainpower & Copywriting mastery I have to help you produce the Best Copy to promote your Products, Services, and Ideas.

Together, let’s build something we can be proud of for years to come...