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Case Study: B2B Cold-Email Pitch

How I helped my client Dave Murray, the Tournament Director of win a new "Silver Sponsor" (worth 1,000$++) with one single Cold-Email.

"Andreas took what was once a business nightmare and made it a dream. As an esports organization, we have tough competition. Even tougher, is getting our asks or articles read by the right people because they sit in the same stack as everyone else. Enter Andreas — the power of proper copywriting shines through his work and makes everything more compelling. To be frank, the first email pitch we sent out with Andreas’ copy secured a new client for us. His copywriting style just works."

Dave Murray — Tournament Director of Tecmo Madison 

The Problem:

Tecmo Madison is an annual retro-gaming tournament with over 160,000 participants every year. It's a MASSIVE event for the retro gaming community — easily one of the biggest in the world of retro gaming.

But they've got a problem, that is: They ain't got no decent sponsors.

Or as Dave put it, "Our sponsors have always been minnows. Now, we want WHALES."

The Solution:

Dave and I connected through Upwork and we worked together to craft the perfect cold-email copy to send out to those whales.  

Check out the email:

Subject line: Hey 1UPcards! – from Dave

We love our 1UPcards!

We are the Tecmo Madison XIV team – and we’re big time users of 1UPcards. Everytime we get together to play some classic Tecmo Bowl games (that’s our passion) – we always use 1UPcards because, well, we’re playing on retro gear! 😀

The reason why we’re reaching out to you guys (aside from giving sweet compliments) – is because we wanted to tell you about this HUGE collaborative opportunity in our next annual event.

The event is called Tecmo Madison XIV – it’s about me and other 150,000 retro gamer enthusiast all over the country streaming and enjoying some good ol’ games of Tecmo Bowl. The event is streamed online and played live offline so it’s a massively diverse audience — all with one commonality — we’re all extremely passionate about retro gaming.

You may be thinking, “What’s all this got to do with 1UPcards?”

And the answer to that question is: We want YOU to become a sponsor for the event!

Here are several reasons why becoming a Tecmo Madison XIV sponsor could benefit 1UPcards:

  1. Massive Brand Exposure– Our 150,000 audience is about 4 football stadiums wide... FULL of raving fans. 150,000 potential customers to get to know 1UPcards, trust 1UPcards, and become loyal customers of 1UPcards!
  2. Targeted Marketing– Our audience are demographically perfect for your products (independent males age 25 – 44). In other words, they’re your idealcustomers
  3. Untapped Market Potential– We believe that Retro gamers are an untapped market potential. And you, 1UPcards, could be the first brand to capture our attention (and our money!)

As you can see in those bullet points, our audience has a LOT of potential. Through this event, you can introduce 1UPcards to our audience, nurture a solid relationship, and command the market of cleaning products & consoles for retro gamers.

Would you be interested in using the Tecmo Madison XIV event to promote 1UPcards? 

Best regards,
Dave Murray – Tournament Director aka Big Cheese!

P.S. Here are some visuals to help you know our event better.

The Result:

Lo and behold... The first email we sent using my copy closed a new sponsor for Dave!

The Ambition:

Getting that first success was utterly satisfying — but me and Dave, being the savages that we are, were not finished... (we want greedy!)

We got an even more ambitious idea — that is, to upsell them to a more expensive offer...

Check out our upsell script:

Subject line: Hey Adam – Nice decision!

Hey Adam,

Thanks for getting back so quickly, I see you’re pretty enthusiastic about promoting your products!

So listen – we’d love to give you a spot for the sponsorship. Our retro gaming community whole-heartedly trusts your products. Without your cleaners, our precious games would’ve been looong gone (you know how fragile retro games are…)

But here’s the thing – in addition to the basic sponsorship package, we want to offer you guys a chance to upgrade to the Silver Sponsor Package. Now that’s a 750$ extra value – with NO extra money from your side.

Here’s how the offer works:

1. We’re prepared to give you an instant bump to Silver Package – this means you get 2 customizable 15 second live stream commercials read by our professional on-air broadcaster (the 1UPcard brand, tagline, and whatever information you wanna throw in the commercial will be heard by more than 160,000 retro-gaming fans… 2 times. Ain’t that sweet?)

2. In return, all we ask is that you supply us with cleaning equipments for the tournament consoles – (10) NES console cleaners, (5) Sega console cleaners, (5) SNES console cleaners, (25) Game cartridge cleaners, and (10) 1UPcard fluids

The best part about this deal?

Your cleaning products also get showcased in-venue. Last year, 750 die-hard retro gaming fans from all over the country (42 different states) came to OUR venue to play OUR consoles.

Guess what they’ll do when they’ve tried the quality of 1UPcard cleaning products? – They’ll purchase 1UPcard cleaning products for their own game consoles, AND, they’ll go back to their hometown spreading the gospel about 1Upcard to their friends – other retro gamers.

A pretty fantastic deal for both of us, don’t you think?

Of course, the decision is entirely up to you. If you’d rather pay the basic money – and give away the Silver Package opportunity to another sponsor, that’s cool with us too.

Let me know what you think, Adam!

Best Regards,
Dave Murray – Tournament Director aka Big Cheese!

The Ultimate Result:

Not only did they accepted our more expensive offer, they actually offered me a job!!

How crazy is that?

Check out our Whale's response here:

I know... funny story, right?

There you have it, my Cold-Email success story!

And now, here's my call to action to you...

"Are you ready to become my next Cold-Email success story?"