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Case Study: Sales Email Sequence

How I helped my client John Smulo, the Owner of create a complete Sales Email Sequence for his agency's core service: "Marketing On Tap"

1) Initial Email Pitch #1

Subject Line: Need a hand, (FIRSTNAME)? — from Purple Cow

Hey (FIRSTNAME), small businesses like (COMPANYNAME) have it rough.

You’re often understaffed, overworked, and new work just keeps on piling up.

As a result, your marketing is either done ineffectively, or just as an afterthought.

Now, we know why you don’t want to hire tons of employees.

You may be scared of the employee liabilities, the trust issues, and the super expensive overhead cost ($) — so you think it’s just not worth it.

And you know what? You may be right.

Hiring a bajillion full-time employees IS a big deal!

But sometimes, doing everything alone is just impossible. Moreover, it’s seriously hurting your business’ growth.

You know what I’m talking about.

Those sleepless nights... frantic workloads... and missed golden opportunities...

Deep down, you know your business could be so much more.

Fortunately, we’ve devised the perfect solution for your problem — we call it the Marketing On Tap system.

Put simply, the MOT system lets you outsource things that you can’t do (or don’t enjoy doing) — and transfer the responsibilities to Purple Cow’s Digital Marketing Experts who are highly skilled at it.

The best part about this deal?

You get to choose the specific Digital Marketing Services that you need, and none you don’t.

It’s a more surgical approach that guarantees less cost AND better results (we’re the experts, remember?)

This way, you won’t have to spend a fortune to get good Digital Marketing work — and still get excellent results.

Would you be interested to learn more about the MOT system and how it can help grow (COMPANYNAME)?

Hit reply and let me know, (FIRSTNAME).

Cheers to (COMPANYNAME)’s success,
John Smulo — Team Leader of Purple Cow

2) Follow-up Email #2

Subject Line: It takes two to tango! — from Purple Cow


John from Purple Cow here — I know you’re super busy trying to crank up sales & revenue for (COMPANYNAME).

Which is why I’m writing to follow-up on my offer 2 days ago. How about it, (FIRSTNAME), interested in collaborating with Purple Cow’s Digital Marketing Experts to crank up your marketing game?

Right now, you can take (COMPANYNAME)’s marketing game to the next level — alls you gotta do is hit reply and we are down for some Digital Marketing tango!

Long live (COMPANYNAME),
John Smulo — Team Leader of Purple Cow

P.S. Check out our Marketing On Tap system for more context.

3) Follow-up Email #3

Subject Line: Hey (NAME) — a fancy shmancy partnership deal with Purple Cow... for FREE.

Hey (NAME),

John from Purple Cow here — a couple days ago I sent you an email about a partnership offer between (COMPANYNAME) and Purple Cow.

In case you forgot, the offer is about doing surgical Digital Marketing. Doing only the essentials, the absolute core necessity that your company needs — in order to gain the MAXIMUM return for your investment.

Well (NAME), right now we’re prepared to give you 3 hours of our services for COMPLETELY FREE.

No obligations. No nonsense. We’re doing this to earn your trust by showing you FIRST-HAND what we can do to take (COMPANYNAME) to the next level — through Digital Marketing.

Whether you need a Copywriter, Web Developer, or SEO Specialist — all you gotta do is tell us and we’ll come running to help you, (NAME).

Claim your 3 hours of free service by replying to this email directly.

John Smulo — Team Leader of Purple Cow & a fan of (COMPANYNAME)

4) Follow-up Email #4

Subject Line: reminder

Hey (NAME),

John from Purple Cow here — about that offer of mine last week... have you had the chance to look at your potential kick-ass Digital Marketing results?

You’d be surprised at how much you & (COMPANYNAME) could achieve through Purple Cow’s Digital Marketing magic...

What’s more, our 3 hours FREE SERVICE offer is still on the table... Just waiting for you to snatch.

3 hours of our dedicated Digital Marketing service. Completely free. No obligations, no BS. Just our commitment to help you take (COMPANYNAME) to the next level.

Hit reply and let’s get to work, (NAME).

Best Regards,
John Smulo — Team Leader of Purple Cow & Your Soon-To-Be Digital Marketing Partner

5) Follow-up Email #5

Subject Line: there’s no need to get jealous...

Hey (NAME),

John from Purple Cow here — you may be curious what 3 hours of our free Digital Marketing service may bring you. Read for yourself what our past clients has to say about us:

“John's infectious positivity and genuine caring for others is only overshadowed by his strengths in digital marketing. One thing that really stood out about John was his focus on improving the marketing and bottom lines of all of his clients. I wouldn't hesitate to work with him again and I highly recommend his work and his company.”

Dustin Ryan — Owner of Zumapoke

“Many companies know a lot about technology and what it can do for your small business but John has the unique ability to know you and your business and then to know which technology or marketing approach is right for you. I think this is what sets him apart from so much of his competition. In addition, John is someone who is as interested in seeing each of his clients succeed as much as he is interested in his own. These two human features in addition to his superb knowledge of online social media marketing and branding is what makes him an excellent choice as a consultant or mentor for any business. I highly recommend him to you if you need help to grow your sales and profits with online marketing. “

Jeffrey Hall — Consultant and Educator

“John is one of the most knowledgeable and experienced technology service providers I have come across. He makes dealing with technology challenges easy and is available for his clients on the spot and within short notice. Extremely patient and a great listener. John knows diagnosis is the key to problem solving. John has excellent vision and taste in presenting businesses on the web. I highly recommend John to be chosen to lead and organize projects.”

 Vahé Ohanessian — Founder, President and CEO of Bad Breath Institute

There’s no need to get jealous over these fortunate clients of ours... Get in touch now and let us work our Digital Marketing magic on (COMPANYNAME).

And, let’s not forget one more thing: the 3 hours FREE SERVICE offer is still on the table—just waiting for you to snatch!

What’s not to love, (NAME)?


Warm Regards,
John Smulo — Team Leader of Purple Cow & A Dedicated Client Pleaser

6) Follow-up Email #6

Subject Line: Should I call a dancing dolphins guru?

Hey (NAME),

John from Purple Cow here — you haven’t answered my emails these past couple weeks. That can only mean:

  1. You’ve just been swamped with work and haven’t had the chance to reply
  2. You already have a Digital Marketing plan all figured out and don’t need Purple Cow’s expert help (even though we’re offering 3 hours of our service completely FREE)
  3. You went on a vacation to SeaWorld and accidentally got hypnotized by dancing dolphins

Please tell me which one of these is the case, (NAME). I’m starting to get a bit worried! 😀


John Smulo — Team Leader of Purple Cow & Your Trusted Digital Marketing Partner

7) Follow-up Email #7

Subject line: Well...

Hi (NAME), at this point I’m going to assume improving your marketing just isn’t your priority right now, even when we’re prepared to give you 3 hours of our Digital Marketing services — for completely free.

Feel free to reach out to us when you’re ready to take your Digital Marketing to the next level.


Best of luck,
John Smulo — Team Leader of Purple Cow

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