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“De Oppresso Liber — To Liberate the Oppressed”

“America isn’t at war. America is at the mall. The US Army is at war.”

There’s no question about it… Green Berets are, without a doubt, the bravest American Soldiers.

Why? Because it’s the Green Berets that are conducting crucial, life-endangering missions in order for us to win the war on terrorism – which we are not winning, yet. Even as we speak, some members of the Green Berets are right now on active duty somewhere in the other part of the world. Risking their lives… Everything they have… for the sake of their country. For the sake of YOUR safety.

Read more to know about the 5 dangerous missions the Green Beret Soldiers undergo to protect you & your families from harm.

1. Special Reconnaissance

Special Reconnaissance Mission conducted by the Green Berets US Special Forces Soldiers


Special Reconnaissance is the gateway, foundation mission to all the other Special Forces missions. Without it, don’t even dream of getting permission to execute other mission. It’s too big of a risk!

Why? Because proper SR operation will provide us with a clear understanding of the enemy’s territory and other vital informations. Without those intel, there’s no way we’re willing to risk soldiers entering the “hot area” blindfolded. THat’s why Special Reconnaissance is a foolproof way to move forward in combat missions.

What is Special Reconnaissance?

Special Reconnaissance is a covert special operation mission whose main objective is to find intelligence.

What kind of intelligence? All kinds. Starting from the habits of the enemies, working structure, the layout of the enemy base, who their leaders are, identification of key target, possible entry point, efficient attacking point, and safe exfiltration route… everything the Green Berets need to proceed to execute the mission & achieve objectives in the most efficient way possible.

What’s the objective of Special Reconnaissance?

The main objective of Special Reconnaissance is to lay the foundation before all other “more committed” missions such as Direct Action, Unconventional Warfare, Foreign Internal Defense, etc. The main idea is to reduce all risks by having a deep understanding of the enemy & their resources before comitting further. It’s the gateway door to successfully completing all the other missions.

Special Reconnaissance Missions include:

  • Learning the landscape and territory of the area and transferring that knowledge into the main base (usually in the form of sketches)
  • Constructing Hide & Surveillance sites near the target area
  • Providing constant stream of human intelligence and data
  • Providing constant update of a certain key target’s activity
  • Target Area Acquisition – Identification of location target area in detail
  • Directing Air Attacks and Artillery to enemy position – suggesting the best medium of attack based on the landscape of the area

Practice of Special Reconnaissance: Long-range surveillance

Long-Range Surveillance (pronounced lurse) is a Special Reconnaissance Operation done by the US Special Forces (the Green Berets) deep within the enemy territory, thus the name long-range. Because of their sensitive location (deep in the enemy territory), LRS Operation is done in small, agile units. And the length of the operation is also very short (less than 6 days) to avoid any compromise or danger from the enemy.

The main purpose of any LRS mission is to gather human intelligence and report the key target’s activity in real-time. As opposed to machine intelligence, Human Intelligence is expected to be more relevant, intuitive, and more open to possibilities. Why? Simple. Because the ones that are doing the surveillance are real, living humans. This can be a huge difference because the insight gathered from Human Intelligence is always more accurate than insights gathered by mere machine intelligence such as radar detection and cold-statistics.

2. Unconventional Warfare

Unconventional Warfare Mission conducted by the Green Berets US Special Forces Soldiers

Background of Unconventional Warfare: Guerilla Attacks

Unconventional Warfare is regarded as the original and major role of the Special Forces. Do you know why?

It’s because any US Soldiers – Special Forces or not – can be overwhelmed by the complexity of the foreign territory. Only Locals know the territory as well as the enemies. Additionally, locals will know by instinct the enemy’s next move. After all, it’s THEIR region and their own people.

That’s why the Green Berets are practitioners of Unconventional Warfare (UW) — merging with the firepower of the local militia to build up more strength and firepower from the heart of the enemy territory, undetected and unexpected.

What is Unconventional Warfare?

Unconventional Warfare is a combat strategy in which the Green Berets Soldiers merge power with the friendly local militia in order to fight their common enemy such as the terrorists. This significantly increases the chance of surviving and winning their battle.

What is the Objective of Unconventional Warfare?

The main objective of Unconventional Warfare is to combine resources, firepower and battle knowledge with the local militias. Every battlefield will provide open opportunities to forge new comrades, and that’s why the Green Berets always use this opportunity to expand their network of allies.

Practice of Unconventional Warfare: Guerilla Mission

How do you fight off someone with larger firepower & manpower? You chip them off little by little. You go Guerilla. Which is why Unconventional Warfare can last months, even years. Much different from a simple ambush or direct combat, UW Battles and Guerilla Attack mission does not end when one’s ammunition is depleted. It can take months to earn the local militia’s trust, and another month to formulate a definite battle strategy.

Long-winded? Maybe. But is it worth it? Absolutely yes.

Speaking of strategy, the Green Beret’s favorite way to do battle is through Guerilla Attack Missions. By forming small groups of units, the Green Berets conduct fast and targeted sabotage, raids, and ambushes to fight with a larger and less-agile enemy. They’re using their small-sized units to their maximum advantage. Not to afflict the most damage, but to destroy key targets, which over time will deal the most damage to the enemy.

3. Counter-Terrorism

Counter Terrorism Operations conducted by the Green Berets US Special Forces Soldiers


Our world is threatened by fanaticism. Dangerous ideological reasoning, religious fanaticism, political fanaticism… You name it.

Dangerous ideological reasoning, religious fanaticism, political fanaticism… You name it.

“From fanaticism to barbarism is only one step” – Denis Diderot

Barbarism is the correct way to put it. Why? Because acts of fanaticism breed acts of terrorism, which results in threats or even actual violence towards civilians. Therefore, ALL acts of terrorism are a force for evil because it contradicts directly with the right to human liberty & freedom. And as a force for good, the Green Berets, or any US Soldiers for that matter, is sworn to become a force for good, protecting the innocent and helping the weak.

That’s why as a force for good, ALL Green Berets Soldiers is sworn to become a force for good, protecting the innocent and helping the weak – through Counter-terrorism.

What is counter-terrorism?

Counter-Terrorism is best defined as the practice of preventing and mitigating damages that comes from acts of terrorism. Using any means necessary, deploying many strategies, techniques, military tactics, law enforcement forces, even to the point of counter-financing the terrorist groups.

What is the main objective of Counter-terrorism?

The main objective of any Counter-terrorism operations is to rip apart and dismantle any terrorist cells and organizations in the U.S or anywhere in the world. Examples of such terrorist organizations would be:

  • Al-Qaeda – Is a group of terrorists and Islamist extremists founded by Osama Bin Laden. They are the ones behind the orchestration of the 911 attack, the most devastating terrorist attack in history, killing 2,977 victims, destroying buildings and spreading terror all throughout America. In the fight against Al-Qaeda, Osama Bin Laden was killed by US Special Forces, the Green Berets, on 2 May 2011. But the fight against Al-Qaeda continues even as we speak, right now.
  • Taliban – Is an Islamic Fundamentalist movement in Afghanistan that demands strict literal representation of the Islamic Sharia law. While modern-day Islam interprets Sharia according to the reality of today’s modern world, the Talibans insist on making everything text-book same as the day when the Sharia Law was written. Clearly, this results in many provocative and extreme activities such as mass murdering homosexuals, crucifying people in public, oppression towards women, and many other things that are beyond comprehension.
  • ISIS – Is short for Islamic State. A terrorist organization whose mission is to conquer the world and make every state’s constitution based on the Islamic law. Of course, when they say Islamic Law, they mean the literal interpretation of Islamic Sharia Law. It’s a recurring pattern you see in almost every terrorist organization to treat the Quran as a “holy book” and therefore take everything literally. The effect? Devastation and chaos. It’s what you always hear in the news these days, to the point of making you numb of all the horror and terror that ISIS brings to the world. Without question, the Green Berets has made it a priority to win the war against ISIS.

Terrorist cells are growing like wildfires all over the world. And they’re all extremely damaging to the people around them. You will cringe when you read about the things that they’ve done to other people simply because they condemn those innocent people “heathens”. Be grateful that you’re not experiencing the terrors of such terrorist organizations. And more importantly, show support for the Green Berets Soldiers that are actively combating such terrorist organizations. “God bless their souls.”

Practice of Counter-terrorism: Target Hardening

The attacks from the fanatics will come from time to time. But that doesn’t mean the Green Berets are to watch and sit still. No, they will practice Target Hardening, which means they’ll do everything in their power to prevent the terrorists from hitting their target, and/or reducing the damage of their attacks.

Examples of Target Hardening Operation would be:

  • Hostile vehicle mitigation (HVM) – Preventing bombs in the forms of vehicles by making sure that no vehicle can enter certain designated buildings/place. This way, we can ensure that certain areas are safe from bombs implanted in vehicles, thus limiting the options for the terrorists to carry their bomb
  • Reinforced Steel Doors on Aircraft Cockpits – Preventing any terrorists/unwanted party to enter the cockpit of an airplane. Removing any options of negotiations with the terrorists. While this may seem counter-intuitive, but it’s the BEST and safest option. Why? Because history has proven nothing good ever comes from negotiating with terrorists
  • Removal of rubbish bins in railway stations and crowded places – Thus limiting the option for depositing bombs, reducing the chance of bomb explosions in public places.

Practice of Counter-terrorism: Local Security Enforcer

Local Police play a critical role in moments of panic such as bombing attacks/terrorist threats. Their efficiency of managing the situation plays an incredibly important role that could result in reducing actual damage counts from the attack. Not to mention, there’s a chance that the attack would not have happened if only the local security is equipped with sufficient training & counter-measures to prevent the terrorist from executing the attack.

Green Berets Soldiers are tasked with providing the local security with sufficient training and knowledge to prepare for such attacks. So that when the time comes, they will know exactly what they have to do in order to mitigate the damage of an attack or defusing it altogether. Most importantly, local Police officers have to be trained & briefed on the importance of staying alert and aware of possible terrorist attacks. Especially when they’re patrolling in crowded areas such as train stations, crowded hotel, bus stations, etc.

4. Direct Action

Direct Action Missions conducted by the Green Berets US Special Forces Soldiers


Special Forces are special because they are strategic with the way they strike. While barbaric terrorists fight without a care in the world for tactics, Special Forces Soldiers – not to mention the Green Berets – live and breathe the best strategy & best techniques of combat. That’s how they’re able to pull off consecutive win-streaks in their combat missions.

The pinnacle of all that strategies and combat techniques is Direct Action Mission. There’s no better showcase of the Green Beret’s combat capabilities than to see them in their active DA Mission.

What is Direct Action?

Direct Action (DA) is small-scale attacks conducted by the Green Berets. DA attacks are “hit-and-run” attacks.  It has a focused objective in mind, and it ignores everything else except completing that one, focused objective.

Typically, Direct Action attacks will be over before you know it (average attack time of 30 minutes). Why? Because that way, the enemies will be baffled by the intensity of such attack and they’ll have no room to react effectively. This element of surprise is crucial for the Green Berets to deliver such devastating combat damage to the enemy. And because of that, all DA missions are essentially stealth mission. It’s carried out with the element of surprise and high-skill combat rather than bulky firepower.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that Direct Action is NOT a suicide attack. Every last of the Green Berets member is expected to come home safely. That’s why the Exfiltration process is just as important as the Infiltration process. They usually fly in and out using a helicopter, because they’re relying on the agility and swiftness of a helicopter to move.

What is the objective of Direct Action?

The main objective of Direct Action operation is to seize, destroy, capture, exploit, recover, or damage a special target. It could be: Seizing a key enemy facility, Destroying a terrorist base, Recover captured teammates/informant, or even Killing the leader of an important terrorist cell.

Operational Technique of Direct Action:

  • Infiltration –  Is the act of deploying the Green Berets into the hot area. Through the use of rubber boats, helicopters, flying parachutes, or even by foot. Here, Stealthness is taken into major consideration. Their movement must be quiet as a graveyard so the enemy wouldn’t realize them coming until it’s too late. That’s why most DA Attack occurs by night. Why? Because at night, the enemy will have a hard time detecting our team in the dark.
  • Attack – Timed-Bombs are preferable to direct gun combat because timed-bomb attacks will result in little to no casualties on our side. Fighting our way in and fighting our way back out isn’t really safe as it’s bound to result in many casualties on our side. Therefore, Explosives and Demolition skills are crucialfor Direct Action units. (Even long-range sniper fire is preferrable to direct combat). The focus is always on achieving the mission objective with the least amount of casualties.
  • Exfiltration – The team will usually Exfiltrate out using the same way they infiltrate the hot area. But for some cases, this may not be possible. That is why the use of “safe-house” (or constructing one) may be extremely beneficial. Delaying time and waiting out the enemy until they’ve dropped their guard before we proceed to exfiltrate out from the hot area will dramatically increase the soldier’s chance of survival.

Real-world Direct Action Mission: Killing Osama Bin Laden

On 1 May 2011, the United States Special Forces Team launched a Direct Action mission operation to capture Osama Bin Laden, the leader of the terrorist group Al-Qaeda. Infiltrating the compound using helicopters and ropes, facing direct firefights with the local militia, the team are finally able to kill Osama Bin Laden in his own compound in Bilal Town, Abbottabad.Taking Bin Laden’s remains with them, they retreated back to safety before the Pakistani forces could respond to the attack.

The whole operation lasted only 40 minutes in total. Infiltrate-HARD Attack-Exfiltrate Out. This bold, dangerous, and daring military operation received praise from around the world as it’s recorded to be one of the most effectively carried out military mission ever. And I bet you still remember the day we found out about Bin Laden’s death on the news… It’s terrible to feel joy after receiving news of death, but I suppose we can make an exception on this one, no?

5. Foreign Internal Defense

Foreign Internal Defense Operation conducted by the Green Berets US Special Forces Soldiers


This may be the least exciting mission operation that Green Berets execute, I’m sure many would agree. But, that doesn’t decrease its importance one bit.

In fact, FID is one of the main factors why the Green Beret’s existence is extremely important and beneficial to our tides of war. Why? Because Wars are won together with allies. And our troubled allied country NEEDS our help in order for them to maintain Peace & Stability in their country. Who better than our best forces – the Green Berets Soldiers – to help them?

What is Foreign Internal Defense?

Similar to Unconventional Warfare, Foreign Internal Defense is about the Green Berets joining forces with the local militia. Only this time, we’re not the ones doing the battle. We’re empowering the Host Nation’s Military to fight their battles for themselves.

What is the Objective of Foreign Internal Defense?

The main objective of a FID operation is to suppress Violence and Insurgencies in the Host Country (HN) – a term used to describe the troubled US-allied country in which there is an actual rebellion going on.

The US Special Forces Soldiers are NOT there to fight the Host Nation’s battles, but to empower their local military enforcer in terms of knowledge and combat training for them to be able to take responsibility for their own country’s safety.

Practice of Foreign Internal Defense: Internal Defense and Development Program (IDAD)

In practice, FID is done through programs such as Internal Defense and Development Program (IDAD) of the host nation. The focus of the program is to help the host nation become Independent in all aspects of managing their country.

Traits of an effective Internal Defense and Development Program:

  • Establishing a real dialogue and personal relationships between US diplomats and the host nation’s government
  • Improvements in the security and stability of the host nation
  • Building trustful and profitable relationship between the two countries
  • Give certain autonomy for the host nation to build up their defense “their own way”, this is extremely important because this way, they’ll be much more likely to maintain the defense system that they “made”
  • The trade between the two countries must be profitable for both sides
  • Sustainability of the peace – create a sustainable way for the host nation to stand up for themselves
  • Being responsive to the needs of the host nation –  Addressing matters according to the Host Nation’s rank of priorities

Conclusion for “The 5 Green Beret Missions That Wins Battles For the US”5 Major Missions conducted by the Green Berets Family of US Special Forces Soldiers

There you have it, now you know the 5 primary missions that each Green Beret Soldiers execute in order to keep our country Safe & Sound.

Through each mission, we can clearly see the risks and danger associated with it. That is why we need to be grateful for their work. Without the noble sacrifices from the men of Green Berets, there’s no way we’ll be able to live life this peacefully. No way our country will be able to live this peacefully.

Interested in joining the Green Berets Familia? Click here to learn more about enrolling to become a Green Berets Soldier.

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