Client Testimonials


"I had my doubts when I first saw Andreas’ job proposal. After all, he’s a non-native English copywriter who charges good money for his services. Who wouldn’t, right?

But, after our first Skype call, I realized how unfounded my doubts were. Andreas knew EXACTLY what I wanted to accomplish with my project, and he demonstrated his copywriting expertise by offering suggestions & tips that just made sense to me & my partner.

So I hired him. And after working with him these past couple days, I can say with absolute confidence that Andreas’ work is better than most native English copywriters’. He's able to write copy that tells a story, engages the reader's emotion, and finishes with a powerful CTA... Not a lot of copywriters can do that.

I really appreciate his positive attitude and willingness to learn about our business needs and challenges. There are lots of contractors on Upwork with great knowledge but every business owners know that what also counts is passion and a deep interest in your project. Andreas showed that from day one which I really liked.

If you had a chance to work with this guy, take it. He's worth every penny.

Thanks for your hard work, Andreas! Now accept my new contract offer and let's keep working together!"

— Tom & Bella from

Tomasz & Izabela Dorawa - Founder of Virtual Tours Creator


"I've been working together with Andreas on a large copywriting project and he has been an absolute delight to work with. It's obvious that he LOVES what he does and his passion for creating great copy knows no bounds. 

He is devoted and hard-working and puts in 120% until the final product simply shines. His copy is energetic, powerful, evocative and really connects with the reader. Plus, he's positive, friendly and great to work with. 

I've learned a lot from working with Andreas and I have no doubt that he would be an asset to any content marketing team. Work with him, you won't regret it."

Kelly Dunning - Freelance Copywriter & Digital Nomad Traveler at Global Goose 
Check out Kelly's professional website at!

Grant Kemp — Founder of The CCF Academy  & Someone who has originated $75 Million Dollars in Seller-Financed Mortgages 

Grant is one of the biggest Real Estate Investor in Dallas, Texas. 

The CCF Academy is his way of "giving back to the community" by teaching his fellow investors on how to become a successful Real Estate Investor.

Below are a couple of candid screenshots that I took in-between our copywriting project (still an ongoing project):

Here's the first feedback that I received from Grant. My first task is to re-work a customized landing page designed to convert visitors from Grant's speaking events to either A. Submit their email to our mailing list or B. Check out our sales page at The CCF Academy. Grant loved my work! Check out the landing page here:
My second task is to write an email sequence (3 in total) designed to entice his San Antonio subscribers (it's a segmented list) to attend a meetup where Grant was the Keynote Speaker. Here's what Grant have to say about the result of my email copies.
In this project, I also worked with Kelly Dunning. She runs, a very popular digital nomad travel blog (she's a digital nomad herself). Her role is mainly content creation, while I'm the sales copywriter. Naturally, she's the one with a keen eye for proofreading & editing. The first time I showed my 10,000 words copy (it's a sales page) to her, she changed tons of grammatical structure that I normally wouldn't have given a second thought (copywriters are known to break grammatical rules) so it's a real eye-opener having her work her magic on my copy. Fortunately, as you can see in our conversation, she assured me that my grammar "doesn't suck" — thank Heavens for that. 🙂
More snippets of our conversation.
Imagine waking up one morning to a barrage of questions, inputs, and suggestions from a freelancer that you hired to just "write copies". Grant didn't asked for it, but I did it anyway. To my relieve, he found all of my suggestions extremely helpful in giving him fresh perspectives on how he should grow his Academy from a copywriting perspective. Really nice to know that your work is deeply respected by a wonderful client like Grant. Hey Grant, if you're reading this, you're THE man! — Andre
What an amazing team. I really hit the lottery when I landed the spot to be a part of this wonderful team 🙂

"Andreas took what was once a nightmare and made it a dream. As an esports organization, we have tough competition. Even tougher, is getting our asks or articles read by the right people because they sit in the same stack as everyone else. Enter Andreas — the power of proper copywriting shines through his work and makes everything more compelling. To be frank, the first email we sent out with Andreas’ copy secured a new client for us. His copywriting style just works."

Dave Murray - Tournament Director of Tecmo Madison 

"Andreas is an utter dream to work with. With an eye for detail and a knack for words, Andreas understands the needs not only from a copywriter's perspective but also from that of a consumer. I gave him some broad directions and he asked a few in-depth, insightful, and clarifying questions and ran with it. The result? All of the articles that Andreas has written for me are boosting page ranking and I am seeing overall domain authority increase. I attribute the increases to Andreas’ high quality, focused writing — pure and simple."

Shawn Johnson - Owner of

"Andreas is a copywriter like no other. He takes time to understand what you are all about, your objectives, your audience, and crafts words in such a neat and passionate way, that it feels he does it effortlessly. He has taken our email copy to the next level, and we highly recommend him to anyone looking for a good writer who has a conversion mindset and a passionate attitude. You will not be disappointed working with him."

Amit Sadhwani - Managing Director of Dasaru

"Andre performed his copy assignments with quality and diligence. I was thoroughly impressed by his quick understanding of what I wanted to accomplish with my project. Communication with Andre was effortless and enjoyable. I will certainly utilize his copywriting skill set in the future. Well done, Andre!"

Jacob Bravo - Owner of