You and I, we’ve all received, read, and deleted with exasperation Sales Emails that goes something like this:

Subject Line: URGENT!!!

Dear Mr. Prospect,

My name is Bob from Company X and I am here to ask you to purchase our services.

Please purchase it directly by clicking this link.

Many thanks,

At the end of such emails, the only thought that lingers in your mind will be, “Give me back that 45 seconds of my life.”

If your work involves anything remotely related with Marketing, you’re probably going to send dozens of Sales Emails in your lifetime.

Fortunately, your Sales Emails doesn’t have to be as bad as Bob’s.

Because right now, I will show you 3 of my Sales Emails Golden Rules:

1. Brevity is Key

Good writing is compact. This means you have to show you’ve done your research & you come with a valuable offering in hand, all within the ifrst 3 lines of the email.

Fail to comply with this first rule, and you risk losing your prospect’s attention forever.

2. Personalization is Power

Dale Carnegie said it best, “No words can produce a melody in one’s eardrum as beautiful as one’s name.”

Actually, Dale didn’t say it quite like that. But you get my point 🙂

Why throw away every opportunity to include their name, make your emails sound personal, and increase the overall reply rate?

Who wouldn’t want to reply to someone who specifically called out your name in the email?

3. They’re the Spotlight

You’re writing this email to fulfill your interest. I get it.

But your prospects don’t.

That’s why you’ve got to center the whole email in their angle. Their perspective. — lest you risk losing their attention on your email.

4. Focus on Conversion

Keep your emails on-point. Clearly state your offers, and give them the chance to respond promptly.

You won’t convert everyone on your list. But you want to make sure everyone on your list has a chance to do business with you.

And for that to happen, my friend, you need to bravely put that “Call to Action” offer.

5. Value-Offering CTA

Speaking of Call-To-Actions, never do something like,

“Click here to learn more.” — or — “Call this number now.”

Because then, the next question your prospect will have is, “Why?”

Instead, do a double-down on the offers and use a Value-Offering CTA. Something like this,

“Click here to learn more about how you can cut your energy spending with our services.”

— or —

“Call this number to speak to our call center to learn more about how you can cut your electricity bills in half.”

There you have it, my 5 Golden Rules for a Kick-Ass Sales Email Copy!

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