My Work Philosophy

Here are things that I can't (or don't wanna) do:

1. I don't do 'rush' jobs. Ever.

I have to admit... I am a bitch for this. 

I'd rather decline the work entirely, rather than submit sub-par copy. I'm crystal clear about this.

My work is a reflection of my dedication to my craft — that is, copywriting. 

And I know, by heart, that once I've decided to slacken my pace and submit bad copy, I will betray my very own work principle as a professional copywriter.

That is why, first and foremost, I have to set some boundaries.

If you want good copy, you need to give me time.

2. I don't work with someone who doesn't communicate.

If you're someone who's too busy to respond to messages, or tend to disappear mid-project for weeks before showing up and saying sorry...

Do yourself a favor and leave this page entirely. I cannot (and don't want to) work with you. 

Because I care about the implications of my work. I genuinely want my clients to get fantastic results through my copywriting.

And I cannot, no matter what, do so without your aid.

You own your business. You know the mechanics and soul of your own business better than I ever will.

If you want me to create really good copy, we need to be on tight communication.

3. I don't write things that are untrue.

I am not a con-man. My job doesn't entail some first-class bullshitting ability.

Don't get me wrong, copywriting does require some persuasion. In fact, it centers around persuasion technique. 

But, and this is a BIG but, — I believe that persuasion is different from deception.

And I'm not going to, no matter what, write anything that is untrue... just to give a slight 'attractiveness' to the copy.

Because I know that in the long-game, such lame tactic will only end up hurting your company's reputation — and, more importantly, mine.

That's it. Now everything is up to you.

Now that you've understood my work philosophy, the final choice is yours, the decision is ultimately up to you.

If you feel like your values are the same as mine, and you agree with everything I have to say about my work as a Copywriter,