The Copywriting Process:

Here's how I write Copy that drives Action & Conversion for my client's businesses:

PHASE 1) — You Talk, I Listen — 

In this first phase, I'll be doing 10% "Asking the Right Questions" and you'll be doing 90% "Answering the questions thoroughly."

Any professional worth his/her salt will ask a lot of questions. In fact, you can even measure their expertise by what kind of Qs they ask.

Here are the kind of Qs I ask:

1) Why did you build your business? Beyond money, why did your business exist? (Your Purpose)

2) What's the BIG Benefit that your product/service give to your customers? What's the BIG Pain that your product/service alleviate for your customers? (Your Core Value Offering)

3) Through the Copy that we're going to write together, what's the CORE MESSAGE that you want to get across to your primary audience? (Your Objective)

Think of those 3 questions as the foundations for a good copy. They're the guidelines to find the deepest, most VALUABLE insights into your customer's needs, interest, and desire.

PHASE 2) — You Trust Me, I Get Cranking —

Next up...

“Trust” is the foundation on our relationship will be built on. We’ll need to trust each other, and tell everything, and hold nothing back.

As for the “Cranking” part… It basically means I’ll get dark… I’ll get busy… I’ll journey to the underworld of your business… (I'll read everything there is to know about your business, your products, and your customer's experience with your company)

And when I’m done "Cranking" and resurface to the world, I’ll present to you some of the finest BIG IDEA that will implode the sales & growth of your business—through the form of Good Copywriting.

PHASE 3) — First Draft, Bucko! —

Now is the moment where we've all been waiting for. The sexiest copy-crafting process: The actual writing itself.

It's time to implement that hard-earned "BIG IDEA" into practice: Writing the first draft of the copy.

Here's a fun fact: I write BAD first drafts. Intentionally. Sometimes, just for fun, I'll write one in under 10 minutes.

Here's why: When you write fast, you use the Emotional part of your brain.

And guess what?

90% of purchasing decisions made by customers are made emotionally, NOT logically.

Catch my drift?

You bet...

PHASE 4) — Damn Good Editor —

This final phase, my friend, is where ALL the magic happens.

Ogilvy once said, "I'm a lousy copywriter. But I'm a damn good editor."

He certainly was NOT a lousy copywriter. But I'll have to say, I agree with the latter statement.

Copywriting, like everything else, boils down to Hard Work.

I can have all the knowledge, expertise, and copywriting mastery in the world... But if I don't have the willingness to persevere in the face of rewriting the same sets of words over and over again... Polishing the copy like a samurai sharpening his Katana... My experience won't mean sh*t.

This is why time is of the essence.

Good copy requires effort

Lucky for you, I have no problem working hard to craft the BEST copy for your business. 

(I never send a first draft of any copy to a client before re-writing it at least 10x times first. That's how I consistently produce great copies for my clients. Pure hard work & dedication)